Rinatia Bruchim Levin

Promotes learning that drives growth and renewal
December 28, 2022 9:00 am - 9:50 am


It is already clear that in the new world of work we have abandoned everything that we define as relevant in manpower. If we once looked at what role a person plays, today we look at what skills a person brings with him.

In the lecture, Rinatia reflects on the key skills that each one of us is required to cultivate and adopt today, to remain relevant in an era of constant revolutions.

The lecture reviews 4 significant areas, which studies show to be critical for success: Self-Management, Troubleshooting, Social Intelligence, Digital Literacy.

A lecture that invites you to look differently at what you are doing on the way to your relevance to the new world.


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Sela Technology Practice 28/12/22 990.00

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