Rinatia Bruchim Levin

Promotes learning that drives growth and renewal
December 28, 2022 10:10 am - 11:00 am


We have no choice, the current era pushes us to renew, otherwise, we will not be relevant.

Therefore, learning and development have become critical growth engines. Those who do not develop – will leave the game and become irrelevant. So how do you learn as a method in a world where no one has extra time? And what is the connection between learning and happiness anyway?

In this lecture, we will deep dive to 4 significant areas, which studies show to be critical for success:

Self-Management – maintaining personal resilience, and growth mindset.

Problem Solving – dealing with uncertain situations and solving problems based on big data.

Social Intelligence – conduct in a world where authenticity and acceptance of difference have become the big thing and how to create human relations in different situations of work forms and cultures.

Digital Literacy – eliminating fear and adopting new technologies with an understanding of how they can serve me.


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Sela Technology Practice 28/12/22 990.00

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