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Why To Learn FinOps?

FinOps provides a number of benefits, including:

• Identifying cost savings opportunities within the organization
• Optimizing usage of services with careful planning
• Increasing transparency by providing visibility into cloud spend
• Automating processes to reduce manual intervention

Workshop Prerequisites:

A basic understanding of public cloud services and consumption – is required.

The basic certification level for each cloud provider – is perfect.

Workshop Syllabus

Learn about the practice of FinOps. FinOps, made from Finance and Ops is bridging the gap between traditional finance & procurement and the Operations teams (DevOps/Engineering). By promoting values like spend accountability and functioning as a centralized entity responsible for allocating costs, optimizing usage, and better utilizing money invested in the public clouds, FinOps becomes a crucial part of cloud organizations who wishes to continuously improve and control one of the biggest expense IT and software organizing are paying these days.

Topics we will cover during this workshop

  • Cloud Computing and its Impact on IT
  • What is FinOps?
  • FinOps Principles and Concepts
  • FinOps Stakeholders
  • The Six Domains of FinOps Capabilities
  • Practicing FinOps Capabilities
  • Understanding a Cloud Bill
  • The FinOps Team
  • Inform Phase
  • Optimize Phase
  • Operate Phase
  • Successful FinOps Practice

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